The Hard Way Home @ Toronto Short Film Festival


“Imagination is everything.”

Albert Einstein once said that and who are we to argue?

You could say that our latest film, The Hard Way Home, is an ode to imagination. A nod to a time where being young made you invincible and the world was only as big as the distance your bike could take you. With this project, we had hoped to make a film about our childhood, and revisit a place where the right combination of a cardboard box, scissors, and some krazy glue, could pretty much solve any problem. Strangely enough, now at the age of 30, it kinda still does.

The Hard Way Home premieres at the Carlton Cinema on¬†Friday, March 20th at 6:15pm.¬†Tickets are $5. If you can, come on out…and leave your adulthood at the door.

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